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Dec 14 2022


posted by: Janet Swartz, EdD

During an NGS webinar, a doctor asked about the Nanodropper, a device that fits onto eye drop bottles to reduce the amount of liquid dispensed. More information about the product can be found on the Nanodropper website here: Nanodropper. To listen to the brief reply given by Dr. Selina McGee during the webinar, click on the audio file below. Have you had any experience with the Nanodropper among your patients? Share your thoughts by signing into the NGS website and adding your message to the discussion board for this post.

Robert Tyszko - on Dec 15, 2022

I found this on Nanodropper's website regarding efficacy of smaller drops We have a number of studies on the efficacy of smaller drops listed in our whitepaper. The efficacy of smaller drops as well as the eye absorption capacity (7-10μL) has been extremely well studied. Many of the major pharmaceutical companies are also on record stating that drop size is not a medical dosing issue. Please see more about our regulatory and quality information here. We have a number of clinical trials being planned, and we will have the first clinical data published later this year. Contact us if you are interested in running a trial with the Nanodropper. Here is the link to their White Paper chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/

Robert Tyszko - on Dec 15, 2022

I would be curious if anyone else is using this tech. We ordered a few samples to use in our clinic, with our dilating drops, but I have yet to recommend it to patients using glaucoma meds (or Vuity for that matter)

Juhee Hwang - on Jan 05, 2023

I would use it for fluress(and other brands for Goldmann tonkmetry),considering their crazy high prices but I am not sure if the nanodropper tip would fit the glass bottles.

Robert Tyszko - on Oct 25, 2023

/Dr. H, not sure how you would get the drop out of bottle if you put a nano dropper on it, i would think that you would need to squeeze the bottle in order to get it out. Can't squeeze glass.