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Oct 07 2020


posted by: Janet Swartz, EdD

During a recent NGS webinar, Dr. Jim Thimons discussed tonography, which is the measurement of aqueous outflow. After the webinar, we received several requests for more information.

The role of aqueous outflow in glaucoma was described by W. Morton Grant, MD, in the 1950s. He noted that aqueous outflow (hydraulic conductivity, also known as "C" value) was decreased in glaucoma, indicating the trabecular meshwork was blocked. Dr. Grant and Dr. Paul Chandler published Chandler and Grant's Glaucoma in 1956. However, most of this and subsequent work was done in research settings because of cumbersome measurement techniques.

The Falck Medical FMAT1 Device is a recent addition to the glaucoma field that allows for simpler measurement of aqueous outflow. Below is a brief video of Dr. Thimons talking about tonography and the Falck Medical FMAT1 device. Two documents from Falck Medical -- a description of their FDA clinical study and a Tonography reporting form-- are also below to download.