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Mar 13 2019

Rocklatan FDA Approved

posted by: J. James Thimons, OD, FAAO

The much anticipated release of Rocklatan has occurred. This agent has two mechanisms of action. RockNet Inhibition and Uveoslceral pathway activation. The IOP lowering profile is significant and it promises to be a great new addition to our armamentarium. Click on the article below to read the full press release from Aerie Pharmaceuticals.

William Gove - on Sep 25, 2020

Curious, I just started a patient (my first with this therapy) on Rocklatan after getting ZERO IOP change on generic Xalatan. He has been using it correctly for no more than two weeks but is complaining of bloodshot eyes. Is there an expected timeline for relief of redness? Or should I opt for a different therapy? Thanks!