To participate in a webinar you need a computer with Internet access. You will see the PowerPoint presentation on the computer and hear the lecture either through your computer speakers (or a headset) or on your telephone. If you choose the telephone, it may be a toll call, depending on your phone service. Once you register for the webinar and we process your registration, you will receive an email with full instructions as well as a copy of the lecture handout. You must register by 9:00 p.m. Eastern time on the evening before the webinar.

There are two steps to participating in a webinar. The first step is to access the WebEx website where you will view the webinar. We recommend that you do this ahead of the webinar in order to be sure you can access this website and to check that your computer has the necessary applications to be able to view the PowerPoint presentation. The second step is to log into the webinar about 15 minutes before the lecture is set to start.

There is a "chat" feature as part of the webinar where you can type in questions for the speaker. The webinar host will also ask participants to verify their presence several times during the webinar, which is necessary in order to obtain CE credits for the session.

The NGS applies directly to State Boards of Optometry for CE approval of the live webinars. State approvals are listed on each webinar registration page. The NGS live webinars also are approved as Category 1 CE by the ABO (American Board of Optometry). While any doctor may participate in the webinars, CE certificates only will be issued to doctors with a license in states that have approved the webinar or who are applying for or maintaining ABO certification.